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Dec 24, 2012 2:50am EST
at the beginning of their eight-week challenge. >> my name is heather. >> jennifer hammentree. >> annie olsen. >> man: what are you noticing? >> oh, wrinkles around my eyes. >> the wrinkles around my eye and forehead. >> i hope that by the time i'm done, i've improved my self confidence with a little younger look and a little bit more on top of it to give an edge in the marketplace, trying to find a new job. >> what i hope is that i come out looking a little fresher and kind of a slightly better me. >> female announcer: and here's what they saw just eight weeks later. >> wow, that's really cool. >> no wonder people commented on my skin. it does look really good. my cheeks are really nicely evened out. wow. >> actually, i can even see a little difference... it's kind of a little bit everywhere. fine lines, i think, diminished. i see a little bit in the forehead, so it's working. i won't stop. >> wow, that's really cool. the brow lines are definitely less distinct. that's cool. i think it's great. i noticed a difference. i wasn't expecting to... um... i win. [chuckles] [♪...] >> male announce
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1